The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Football League (EPYFL) has an absolute commitment to protect and respect your privacy.
Our Privacy Policy is modeled in compliance with the federal standard set forth by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). EPYFL does not gather personally identifiable information unless you sign-up to play in our league (see below for more details). We do not place cookies on users' machines at any time. We do not keep a list of visitors' IP addresses nor do we record or analyze information stored in standard HTTP log files. We do not record browser types and versions or extract any other user information from your browser. We do not collect information on your operating system nor do we allow downloads and/or Internet cookies from third party web sites.

Confidentiality of Player Data
All submitted information will remain completely confidential as part of the internal processes at EPYFL. Under no circumstances will EPYFL sell, trade, share or otherwise release player or parent/guardian information to any third parties. EPYFL will not reveal any personal information about players, parents, or guardians such as their address, birth date, or telephone number in the public area of the website. In the public area of the website, EPYFL will disclose only impersonal information such as the child's jersey number or position. A child's name will only be disclosed in the public area with explicit written parent consent. The protected area of the site, available only to EPYFL staff and league representatives, will have access to more personally identifiable information, such as a child's name and weight. However, any information about a child player posted to the public or private areas of the web site is only with the consent of that child's parent or legal guardian. The consent of a parent or guardian can be withdrawn at any time.

EPYFL is very respectful about the privacy concerns of our visitors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the practices of this site, feel free to contact us at